I have a few stories about good burgers. A few years ago, I would have told you the best burger I ever had were those at Louis Lunch, in New Haven. This cute little burger stop, closed off inside of a tiny, well-packed brick and mortar building, gave you some pretty simple burgers on simple toast. The 'taste' though? It was absolutely to die for.
However. I think the burger that I 'love' the most has to be the Primal Angus Thick Burger they used to sell at Hardees.
There was just something magical about it.

For those wondering, for the release of Jurassic World: Dominion, Hardees - for a brief time, offered a few themed items based off of the movie. One of which was the Primal Angus Thick Burger.
There was always something perfect about the way that ad spoke to me. The texture of the cheese, the sizzling tangy sauce, the bleak shaded void the burger sat in, as if it was some monolithic entity - outside of our perceivable existence, in some null-space. The fact that 'advertisement food' is usually just a mish mash of makeup, plastic, photoshop and glue makes this even more telling. It 'knows' its fake.
The Primal Angus Thick Burger, as was portrayed in that ad, doesn't really - nor has it ever - existed, yet none the less the image it creates is instilled in the mind like a ghostly premonition - neural pathways rewired to force the brain to recall it in all of its majesty.
And I loved it for that.
For me, that was not the most 'memorable' burger I had ever tasted though. For that, it would probably be a crab burger I tried at Catalina island - sadly, can't remember the restauraunts name. Visiting there on vacation, I remember wanting to purchase a burger with a unique enough taste so that I wouldn't forget it. It didn't dissapoint - I can still recollect the somewhat sour taste of seafood between those two breaded buns.